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I know it's a scary thought, but Christmas really is getting close. And if you run a business that gets busier at Christmas time, you really need to have your Christmas promotions and plans underway.

I currently have an article featured on the front page of Ignition Networking - it is all about Complementary Businesses and their value. The owner of the site made some lovely comments about it, too.

Our joint venture with Web Graphics By Email is going well. The skills of both businesses complement each other well to offer a much broader range of services to our clients. It is so much nicer to work with another business than to worry about fighting competitors!

I hope you enjoy the two special deals listed in the newsletter - my Christmas gift to my subscribers :)

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Don't over qualify
By Tash Hughes of Word Constructions

There are a group of words that have very precise meanings - these words don't need any qualifying to make them strong, and in fact it is grammatically wrong to attempt qualifying them.

For instance, the word 'unique' means one of a kind so something is either unique or it isn't - 'very unique', 'particularly unique', 'most unique' and similar combinations are unnecessary.

Other words that are commonly misused in this way are:

Electrocuted - the word actually means to be killed by electricity, not receive an electric shock.

Perfect - means there can be no improvement; adding 'very' to it doesn't serve any purpose.

Fatal - means deadly. An accident is fatal or it isn't, it can't be 'very fatal' or 'really fatal'.

In most of these examples, they can be qualified by using a word such as 'almost' or 'nearly'; the word unique, however, can't be qualified at all.

A combined project by Word Constructions and Web Graphics by Email

Christmas Gift Giving as a Business  
By Tash Hughes of Word Constructions

Christmas. First images of the season are happy ones; the spirit of Christmas is to give joy to others and show our loved ones we care.

One of the best ways to show anyone you care or appreciate their efforts is to acknowledge them, and Christmas is a perfect opportunity to do so.

When planning gifts and mementoes this year, donít forget that your business contacts need acknowledging just as much as your personal ones. If it wasnít for your customers, suppliers and staff, where would your business be?

By acknowledging your clients in this way, you are thanking them for their custom as well as making them feel special, more than just a source of income for you. The thoughtfulness of a Christmas card or gift will give your client pleasant feelings towards you that may well reward you in the future.

So, now youíve decided to acknowledge your clients this Christmas, but how?

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Christmas Graphics
By Ally Lamont of Web Graphics By Email

Getting into the spirit of Christmas can be quite simple but effective.

To brighten up your business website, you don't need to change the colours or text. In fact, you don't even have to add a Christmas message if you don't want to.

The simplest way of giving a touch of Christmas without detracting from your usual web look is to add one or a few Christmas Web Graphics.


** In the spirit of Christmas giving, Web Graphics By Email has made available a range of free graphics you may use to decorate your site with. Please respect the copyright of these graphics, which remains with Ally Lamont at all times. **

Why Subscribe?
By Tash Hughes of Save Time Online

Whether it is a newspaper or a magazine, if you read it regularly you may well be better off subscribing to it.

What are the benefits of subscribing? Are there any concerns to subscribing?

In most cases, subscribers save money by subscribing. For instance, subscribing to Donna Hay for twelve months costs $48.00 compared to $53.70 for 12 issues, whereas Better Homes and Gardens would cost you $68.40 for 12 issues but a subscription costs $55.00 and includes 13 issues.

And there is usually no delivery charge attached, so you pay less than the cover price to have the magazine or paper delivered to your door.

Subscribers save time as they donít need to go to a newsagent or supermarket to collect their desired reading material. Although you may visit the supermarket anyway, you wouldnít have to look for the magazines and find the correct one. Nor worry about them being out of stock.

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